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What is WiFi Zeeland?

Welcome to WiFi Zeeland! WiFi Zeeland enables you to use WiFi at various locations in Zeeland free of charge. With WiFi Zeeland you can easily and freely check your mailbox, surf to Internet pages and use Twitter and facebook with a connection speed of 1 Mbps. As from 1 August 2012 you will be able to select a faster version of WiFi Zeeland, for which you will have to pay.

You can now use our Internet service. Curious to know about other locations where you can access the Internet via WiFi Zeeland? Watch out for our location list! Before you start, we would like to give you several valuable tips.


  • Only make a connection from a location with adequate signal reception. A bad or unstable connection means less speed.


WiFi Zeeland is a public network, and such networks are always less secure than your WiFi network at home. A few tips:

  • Information sent or received by you can be visible to others. You should always be aware of this.
  • Do not send confidential information if you don’t have to.
  • Be careful when logging on to social media websites, your bank, etc. Always type in the address of such websites personally and check the address before connecting.
  • Services provided by social media, banks, etc. always offer a secure connection via SSL or HTTPS. Secured lines such as these are recognisable by the small lock icon in the status bar of your browser and www is always preceded by https.  Do not log in if you can’t see the lock.


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